As a disruptive female entrepreneur at the head of one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brands she has created a revolutionary concept “the world’s first gym for the face” to help woman and men combat their own issues with aging through the training of their facial muscles.

Her passion, expertise and experience has been honed over the past 10 years as the Spa Junkie – wellness and beauty columnist for the Financial Times, Theron is on the front line of the latest in high-end aesthetics, fitness and nutrition. In addition to writing she has also designed and programmed spa destinations like Tierra Santa at the Faena Hotel in Miami, the Bulgari in London and is currently designing a state of the art spa for a soon to be opened luxury London hotel.

What makes her story relatable and interesting is that so many woman can identify with her experience of injectable abuse. It wasn’t until a sugar thread face-lifting procedure left her house bound, that Inge realized there must be a better way to age gracefully and channeled all her expensive and time-consuming research of the past five years into a unique concept of her own: FACEGYM a non-invasive workout for the face.

Theron opened the first FACEGYM studio in Selfridges in 2015 and in just 5 years has grown the business to 12 studios across the U.K. and U.S. with the launch of her own innovative clean skincare line and book on the  horizon. While balancing FACEGYM’s international growth and two young children, Theron continues to write her column for the Financial Times by traveling across the world to try the latest in beauty, health and wellness to keep FACEGYM on the blistering edge of innovation.